Population: 10.4 Million   Total Area: 260 km²   Capital: Lisbon   World Safety Index: TOP 3   Language: English (official)

Portugal Golden Visa program was established in 2007 under the regulations of the Act n. 23/2007 of July4.
Portugal Golden Visa consider as the most attractive options in the world to obtain the Citizenship and second passport as you need to invest €500,000 in Property OR €350,000 into real estate requiring renovation for five-year investment in the country, Such projects need to be approved by the government of Portugal, In both cases you will be eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship within 5 years, without need to reside in Portugal, Just you need to travel to Portugal one time after the government approval to receive your residency card and for 14 days every 2 years to renew your residency card.

Portugal Golden Visa allows the investor and his family member to obtain the Golden Card in 6 to 8 month, in this card they can travel freely within the all Europe Union (Schengen area) and Portugal passport conveys the right to work, Study, live in Europe and the benefits from the healthcare in EU.


Eligible to apply for Citizenship and Second Passport in 5 years.
Fastest Residency
Freely travel in all Europe countries (Schengen area)
Allows you to live, work, Study in all Europe countries (Schengen area)
...Portugal Passport ranked 3th on the world
Portugal Passport have visa free entry for more than 170 countries.
Visit required for two weeks every two years in order to renew the Portuguese Golden Visa
Perfect Weather and Healthcare

Only five steps to have Portugal Golden Visa


Sign Sinatra Agreement


Sign your application forms to submit your file


Wait for the final decision and approval letter from the government


Invest 350,000 in the selected option


Receive your Golden Visa card

Program Required:

Buy a property in €500,000 OR invest €350,000 into real estate requiring renovation project approved by the government of Portugal