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Life isn’t about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself with Sinatra.


Sinatra group was established in UAE in 2010 and has grown into one of the leading providers of trust, We have experience more than 10 years in the market.

We aim to provide our clients with skilled counselling and a secure future for them and their families, based on their situations and objectives when it comes to Immigration, Residency or Citizenship questions.
Our organization is a whole group of companies that are officially registered in United Arab Emirates, All our companies employ exclusively highly qualified employees who have extensive experience in the field of residence permit, permanent residence, as well as obtaining a second citizenship.

We guarantee that we have all the necessary officially obtained licenses obtained from a big number of state entities, which are responsible for the process of obtaining official permits, obtaining citizenship, residence permit, permanent residence.
Our goal is to help the client to obtain the second citizenship and passport within three months only without the emigrating or abandoning his current nationality or leaving his country.Our programs are absolutely official and legal, in connection with which the services provided by us will be of the highest quality.